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There are many places for sport: above all, the archery ground at Fornace. It is here that various champions have trianed before World Championships and the Olympic Games.

In 2000, this sports centre, approved according to the FITARCO (Italian Archery Federation) precepts, was constructed in record time and was opened – as far as competitions were concerned – in June 2001 with an interregional “900 Round” contest. In 2005, a new track equipped with three-dimensional cutout figures of animals – in order to practice the country archery specialization, sometimes called “hunter” and “field” - was added to the sports ground, in a wonderful hilly setting, in the midst of green vegetation where silence reigns supreme.

Since 2002, the Ardivestra Trophy for Archery has taken place here: an interregional competition which, since 2004, has been dedicated to the memory of the Olympic athlete Alfredo Massazza. This event, which creates more enthusiasm and more competitors as each year goes by - apart from benefiting from a competent and excellent organization – has the merit of offering the peaceful atmosphere of an intact and enchanting nature, jealously protected by a proud and hospitable population. In the little village of Fornace, there is also another sports centre with tennis courts, a five-a-side football pitch and a bowling green, which represent a point of reference and a place for meeting , which is a delight for everybody.

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