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The landscape: Montesegale's strong point

Montesegale's landscape is a romantic and evocative picture, with its gently sloping hills, one behind the other and then yet another still, the warm colours of the corn contrasting with the shades of green, plots of land squared off so perfectly that they look like pieces of velvet. Even the atmosphere that is typical of winter days is fascinating: its dark colours, the fog that confuses the eye, the bare trees. And right in the heart of these soft lines rises the splendid medieval castle that is the real and in fact, the most important reason of identity for Montesegale. Over the centuries, the life of the Montesegale community has always been deeply influenced by the historical events of the castle and its owners. Here, the landscape has an aesthetic value but also a strong identity value, its “non-development” has meant that harmony has remained intact between its infrastructures, environment and its settlements. Thus, an apparent weakness has been transformed into a strength: this almost total lack of economic development of the area has contributed to rendering the landscape a priceless resource to be safely guarded, and, at the same time, to be enhanced and boosted further. Article 1 of the European Landscape Convention says “The landscape determines a part of the area, as it is perceived by its inhabitants whose character derives from the action of natural factors and/or human factors and by their interrelationships”. In fact, the landscape must be primarily thought of as being an intrinsic part of those who live in it. The landscape's features, here, act as a point of reference in order to feel a sense of belonging to a place and community; it is this sense of belonging that develops over time and requires a profound knowledge of the place itself and a strong emotive connection and involvement with it. Montesegale's landscape is a powerful part of the social, cultural and economic processes that mark out the community.

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