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An Authentic Hamlet

The project

“Authentic hamlets is a Italian network made up of communities, local councillors, tradesmen, businessmen and social workers. These are people who never complain about decline, deterioration and other such problems, who are well aware that they have the possibility, ability and chance to create and develop a world and way of thinking that are a part of that Italy which “wants to and is going to make it”.

The Association of Italian Authentic Hamlets' programme begins with these words: an active and decisive attitude which unveils, in so many small towns that make up an authentic Italy, a resource, a cultural, social and entrepreneurial treasure. Inspired by this spirit of value enhancement, Montesegale subscribed to the Association, founded in 2008, by means of the Town Council resolution n°. 15 of 23rd March 2011.

The authenticity of a hamlet, or of a small town, takes shape by its evolving into true community, based on the principle of subsidiarity which regulates and inspires the work of all involved. The key word is sustainable development; or in other words, a promise to guarantee the survival of the town and its people, taking along with them the whole area and conserving its landscape, environmental and productive features. But this is not merely about conservation: an authentic hamlet stimulates the area's economy with its traditional customs, it looks for new ways and methods so that its 'genius loci' will not be lost but will be converted into a winning proposal for present day business and society.

In summary, Montesegale, as an authentic hamlet, according to the definition of the Associaiton's Charter of Principles, promises to “arouse public awareness of the importance of strengthening and innovating policies and programmes in favour of hamlets and small towns” and to “make the hamlets and their surrounding areas more exciting and tempting both for those who live and work there and for those who want to spend their holidays there so that they become, more and more, centres of pulsating and meaningful life for an increasing mixture of people of different ages, culture and religion”.

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