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Local marketing

Sustainable development and the challenges facing area marketing are essential matters for the Town of Montesegale; in fact, it has organized special conferences aimed at enhancing and promoting the area's specific and excellent features.

The first one – on 26th September 2009 – was dedicated to Oltrepò's most famous food product: the Salame di Varzi D.O.P. This was a starting point towards renewed communication undertaken by the Consortium for the protection of the Salame di Verzi D.O.P. The conference pointed out the strategic value of the Original Local Products and of the food and wine sector for Oltrepò tourism, economy and culture.

On 4th September 2010, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the European Landscape Convention, the Town of Montesegale, in collaboration with the Province of Pavia and the Lombardy Region, and with the patronage of Pavia University, the Mountain Community, the professional Associations of Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Builders in the Province of Pavia and of the Artisans Association, introduced the conference's theme: The productive tradition in the Oltrepò area, from past to future. Interesting discussions began about the most meaningful questions linked to the theme of the landscape, concentrating particularly on the various local situations (local authorities, universities, associations etc) which, in different ways, all see to the protection and the enhancement of the area.

The key words that came out of the convention – integration, trasversality, requalification – were seen to be the central factors for a sustainable development of the area, to relaunch the social/economic question that recognizes, in the environment and in the landscape, a way of understanding social, cultural and economic processes that mark out the world we live in.

On 24th September 2011, the Town of Montesegale decided to realise the combination between landscape and De. Co. or Original Local Products, in the sphere of experience in local planning. So it was not the usual conference but rather a meeting point in order to compare the strength and potential of the Original Local Product; an important means for enhancing the value of those local products that represent a culture and a range of special experiences, unique and impossible to export, and which create a driving force for the local economy. In fact an area's economic development is, nowadays, more and more tied to its capacity to be able to guarantee its own identity, and therefore to stand out as something distinctly different from others.

The excellence of these conferences, organized by the Town of Montesegale, is due to both the quality of the speakers and their speeches, to all the area's stakeholders being involved in the project and to the specific subject dealt with: these are all resources which are vital for growth.

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