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Pathways and springs

The Ardivestra Valley on foot

The Town of Montesegale can offer a great deal to hiking enthusiasts or to whoever, quite simply, wishes to spend a day walking in the fresh air, in close contact with nature.
There are two principal, marked pathways which wander over the green hills surrounding Montesegale.

Let's now go and see what these naturalist itineraries are really like.

The first route starts from the archery ground at Fornace, heading towards Gagliolo, Poggio, Colle S. Elena, Piano della Barca, Castignoli, Pogiolo, Languzzano (with the chance of taking a break at the ancient Fonte di Languzzano – the Languzzano Spring), and Case del Molino; to then finally return to Fornace close to the town's Sports Centre. A round trip over about 6 kilometres and taking around two and a half hours. Its altitude gap for hiking tourists is approximately 490 metres going up and 250 metres coming down.

Instead, the second route starts from Piazza Nassiriya, where Montesegale's Town Hall stands. You climb upwards towards Camolino, turn right for Sanguignano and then walk on to Monte Guardia, Poggio Rajone, Cascina Nuova, Zuccarello, Gardinaia until you arrive at Bregne (with the chance of taking a break at the ancient Fonte del Borianco – the Borianco Spring) and then back to Montesegale.

The route, winding through woods and hills, is 8 kilometres long and takes about three and a half hours. Going upwards, there is an altitude gap of 560 metres while going downwards, there is a 350 metre difference. For hiking tourists, it is of landscape, naturalistic and historical interest.

The whole route is marked with charts and wooden arrows.

You can also take part in a “Caccia Fotografica – Photograph Hunt” where you can see: fallow deer, roe deer, squirrels, badgers, foxes, and if you are lucky, even wolves!

Moreover, a visitor who arrives in Montesegale can also visit four, ancient, town springs, following the itinerary of the Springs: at Pogiolo, the Spring named Languzzano, at Case del Molino, the Spring named Case del Molino, at Bregne, the Springs named Sarsego and Borianco.

These fountains are there for their beauty and to enhance a community feeling.

The ancient Spring of Sarsego is famous for the excellent quality of its water.

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