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Bread Towns

Protection and promotion of a traditional product

Montesegale is a charter member, together with another 21 towns spread all over Italy, of the National Association of Bread Towns, established in Altopascio on 19th October 2002.

The Town endorsed this initiative with a Committee Resolution on 16th October 2002, underlining: “Taking into consideration the well-known and deeply rooted tradition of bread making in our Town, connected to cultural, historical and environmental values as well as being of a vital economic importance, and ascertaining that the aim of enhancing the value of our bread and area where it is produced corresponds to our Town's need for economic development, we resolve to participate in the Association of Bread Towns”.

The Association, which encompasses all the various situations in the field, from north ot south, which have been able to preserve bread-making traditions, has, as its primary aim: the protection and promotion of our typical product, the promotion of our culture of bread, the protection of our area. The delightful smell of freshly baked bread and its presence on our table are a part of our collective imagination, and are one of the most effective points of reference of our life, culture and tradition.

Bread is much more than just a straightforward food; it is a symbol that embraces many other meanings, even sacred ones. For thousands of years, it has always meant nourishment, of body and soul, of harmony and friendship. When you offer and share a slice of bread, you share the most simple and authentic form of welcome, of brotherhood, of a willingness to help. The Association of Bread Towns gathers together everything that shares these values in order to defend and rivitalize traditional bread-making, deeply aware that bread – nowadays not less than in the past - can be a means of binding people together and a means of appreciating the town and world we live in.

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