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Its ancient history

From the Ligures to nowadays

Its name was originally Latin; in fact, it is mentioned in medieval diplomas as “Montesicalis”, in other words, mount of rye; grass family cultivation was particularly widespread in the area's higher zones.
Already existing in the 11th century, Montesegale was, at that time, under the rule of the Bishop of Tortona, but was later taken over by Federico II of Pavia in 1219 (even though, it continued to be a part of the episcopal signoria).

Montesegale was enfeoffed to the Palatini di Lomello Counts – the Gambarana branch of the family – and received investiture, jointly, from Pavia and the Bishop of Tortona, thereby maintaining an important lordship (similarly to what happened nearby at Gravanago and Montepicco, hamlets of Fortunago and Rocca Susella).

The Gambarana lordship lasted, apart from for some brief periods, until feudalism ended in 1797.

Linked with the Bobbiese area to the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1743, it then became part of the Province of Bobbio, according to the Treaty of Worms.

When feudalism was abolished in 1797, the Marquisate came to an end. In 1801, the area was taken over by Napoleon's France until 1814. In 1818, it was passed on to the Province of Voghera and in 1859, to the Province of Pavia.

The Town of Montesegale was a direct part of the Oltrepò Pavese; it was not under separate jurisdiction as was the surrounding area.

It also included the southern part of the present day town of Rocca Susella with its hamlets Susella, San Paolo and Poggio Alemanno.

In 1905, these were detached from Montesegale and joined to the town where they still belong.

The small town of Castignoli was joined to Montesegale in the 18th century; it had been the site of an important castle and part of the Montesegale feud.

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