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Salame di Varzi

Not just De.Co.: the PDO

Non only De.Co products (Original Local Products) but also D.O.P. Products (Protected Designation of Origin): the word excellence, at Montesegale, has essentially and always signified the Salame di Varzi D.O.P (Reg. CE n. 1107/96). The town's land is an integral part of the area, identified in the Production Policy Document, where the famous Oltrepò sausage – one of Lombardy's most famous sausages – has the right to be made.

This sausage's origins go way back in time: although it is impossible to date it exactly, it is known (and confirmed) that in Roman times, in some places of the Staffora valley, references to the breeding of pigs can be found.

This sausage represents the most commonly made product – and, at the same time, the most complicated one to make – of age-old country life; at Varzi, as at Montesegale and in the western part of the Oltrepò Pavese area, particular climatic conditions - the combination of the sea breeze coming from the Ligurian Sea with the colder mountain winds - have meant that a truly unique sausage has been made. The perfectly balanced mixture of lean and fat parts of the best quality pork cuts, skilfully seasoned and spiced, after a long maturing period in a carefully controlled temperature and humidity environment, produce the Varzi salami.

Its production area includes: Bagnaria, Brallo di Pregòla, Cecima, Fortunago, Godiasco, Menconico, Montesegale, Ponte Nizza, Rocca Susella, Romagnese, Santa Margherita Stàffora, Val di Nizza, Valverde, Varzi, Zavattarello.

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