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To be visited

The village and its communities

The Church of the Saints Cosma and Damiano.
This church was first mentioned in 1523 so we can presume that it was already built at that date. It was later restored and increased in size. Between 1914 and 1924, the bell tower on the right side of the church was erected in the place of the old one on the left hand side, which had become precarious. The church, standing on a hill surrounded by green fields, has a Neoclassical facade with lateral pilasters and a portal surmounted by a large window, added in the '30's. Inside, in the choir, an oil painting by Galloni, dated 1925, portrays the two saints Cosma and Damiano.

The Church of Sanguignano
Dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, from 1699 onwards it was the seat of the secular abbey belonging to the Gambarana Counts. In its interior, a 17th century painting depicts Saint Antonio, the Christ Child and Saint Rocco; you can also see a statue portraying the Madonna with Child, made in carved and painted wood.

The Church of Languzzano
Dedicated to Saint Maria Annunziata, it has been a parish church since 1523 and was restored in 1961. It holds a 17th century, wooden statue depicting Saint Giovanni Battista and a 18th century painting of Saint Rocco.

The Church of Zuccarello
This tiny, stone church, built in 1651, was used by the Benedictine monks when stopping over at Zuccarello on their way to the Saint Alberto Hermitage (in the town of Val di Nizza).

The Little Church of Madonna delle Nevi
It was built in 1905 by the farmers living in the hamlet of Bregne, near the Antica Fonte del Borianco; close to the church, their cattle were blessed every year

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