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Saint Damian's Fair

On the last Sunday of September

This town's history, traditions and folklore come back to life each year at San Damiano's Fair which takes place on the last Sunday of September. In fact, this – together with the annual Archery inter-regional competiiton on the 25th April - is Montesegale's most important event.

During this time of celebration, against the splendid background of Montesegale's castle, a historical commemoration of slices of life of olden times is enacted, as well as specific events freely adapted from historical documents, such as Count Gambarana investiture ceremony.

The Castle of Montesegale is the event's natural theatre and its principal actor.

Every year, the town enjoys recreating the atmosphere of past times, with the help of many walk-ons and numerous historic groups. The spectators can step back in time into a historical hamlet with the typical flavour of far-off times so that they can relive – by means of scenes, actions and special choreography – moments of historical culture with characteristic and truly unique performances. One after another, festivities with shows, games, skill testing, spectacular displays take place. Dancing, singing, competitions all spell out the day's events while the visitors can enjoy the performances while, at the same time, visiting the actual places where the hamlet and its medieval market are recreated. A folkloristic festival where you can also find typical products of the area. A classic and cult appointment in the Oltrepo Pavese's autumnal life which, every year, attracts an enthusiastic crowd of people.

You can also enjoy various tastings of the 'Salame di Varzi D.O.P.' (Denominazione d'Origine Protetta – Protected Designation of Origin) as well as De.Co products; food and drink booths along the way, games and century-old trades, traveling shows, jugglers, crossbowmen and swordsmen: this is what San Damiano's Fair is all about.

This event first began in 1994.

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