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Montesegale is a Town that belongs to the Mountain Community of Oltrepo Pavese and includes several small villages scattered across the valley floor and on the two sides of the Ardivestra Valley.
In this area of particular landscape interest, there coexist important historical memories that have been perfectly preserved together with significant evidence of rural civilization. The imposing castle, which dominates the Ardivestra Valley, dates back to the 12th century. Inside the Castle there is a Museum of Contemporary Art.
Local economy is mostly agricultural and is based on the production of fodder, wheat, corn, fruit, wines, cold cuts and and honey.

Area: 1,483 hectares
Altitude: 224 - 560 mt above sea level
Distance: Milan 70 Km - Pavia 45 Km - Voghera 18 Km
Town Hall: Montesegale
Villages and inhabited clusters: Balestrero, Bregni Superiore, Bregni Inferiore, Cà Biotto, Cà Fracce, Camolino, Cà Varni, Case del Molino, Castignoli, Cencerate, Fornace, Frascate, Languzzano, Molino montà, Poggio, Pogiolo, Poggio Rajone, Sanguignano, S.Vittore, San Damiano.

Getting to Montesegale:
A 21 TORINO-PIACENZA motorway, Casteggio or Voghera exits
A 7 MILANO-GENOVA motorway, Casei Gerola exit
From Voghera, drive towards Salice Terme - Giulianova. Pass through the centre of Godiasco, turn left and take the Provincial Road n. 184; the area of Montesegale starts after 6 km.

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